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    Enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere in the heart of London. Royal plate offers 50 seating places, surrounding a big fireplace that will make your dining exquisite and enjoyable. Carefully selected music and smart interior design will make you feel like home. Royal home indoor includes a vine cellar.

    You can taste any vine from our offering in our vine tasting bar. Royal plate can host large groups too, so if you need more seats for your feast simply send us an email, or call us by phone.

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    Our chef has been busy lately preparing some new delicious deserts recepies. You can try new flavour of popular tiramisu cake, with a fresh taste of strawberries, new lava muffin with hot melted chocolate and orange sirup with small hazelnuts, white chocolate cold cream and many many more tasty desserts!

    All new desserts can be ordered online and delivered right at your door! Don’t wait too long, come and taste this delicious new food!

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    Any family or friends gathering is a reason for celebration, isn’t it. We present you latest catering event, with Brook’s family that occured this summer in our West London Royal Plate restaurant.

    Our chef designed custom menu according to Brook’s family wishes. The menu was divided in three courses - appetizer, main and dessert. Samantha Brook, say it was the best party they ever experienced! Interior was arranged in simple southern style, yet very warm and friendly...

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    Every week we bring you fresh recipes ideas for your table. This week we decided to feature some of our autumn table specials. It’s the perfect time of the year for using chestnuts in your everyday dishes!

    Today special is royal beef steak with chestnut and pumpkin sauce with potato cream and grilled mushrooms. It’s pretty simple recipe (for beginners) and only takes about 50 minutes for preparation. Simple, fast and delicious! So grab your fork and apron and let’s start our new cooking adventure...